Uncovering the hidden costs of the petrodollar.

And they may compete in a new monetary system that moves away from the petrodollar and all of its costly externalities: a neutral Bitcoin standard that plays to the strengths of open societies, does not depend on dictators or fossil fuels, and is ultimately run by citizens, not the entrenched elite.


Asset Managers, Owning Bitcoin Is Now Your Fiduciary Duty.

With bitcoin acting as an alternative in inflation-ravaged countries such as Venezuela, Argentina and Nigeria, it has the potential to alleviate human strife. Maybe after reading this article, fiduciaries might suppress their own fears of crypto-volatility to simultaneously pursue superior investment returns and social impact.


Fiduciary Duty Examples

The Bitcoin Tipping Point Did Occur in 2020.

When Bitcoin passes gold’s market cap in 10 or 20 years, everyone will remember that Paul Tudor Jones’ public choice in May 2020 was the tipping point for Bitcoin.


ASSET DNA: Explaining Bitcoin’s speculative attack on the dollar.

The logical conclusion of this trend is that eventually, nobody will be willing to lend dollars when they can just buy bitcoin with those dollars themselves. And once the world has reached that level of understanding of bitcoin, it’s game over.


As Bitcoin leads the global monetary melting, sustained deflation will introduce unrestrained prosperity and abundance.

Bitcoin will save our earth.

In Bitcoin’s case, the novel technology provides energy producers a radically new way to monetize energy, and as a result it will permeate every energy production site across the globe. This will push down the profitable price of energy for all miners, driving more energy efficiency as wasted, stranded and renewable sources with near-zero (or below zero) energy cost are sought out to power mining facilities.


The Bitcoin reformation.

This report makes the case that the 21st century emergence of bitcoin,
encryption, the internet, and millennials are more than just trends; they herald a wave of change that exhibits similar dynamics as the 16-17th century
revolution that took place in Europe.


Bitcoin’s hierarchy of needs.

Bitcoin achieves the unit of account (UoA) status for everyone globally while simultaneously becoming the most desirable asset to own. Which only encourages more people to continue using it as their store of value (Sov) and medium of exchange (MoE).


Bitcoin Loans: The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin-Backed Loans.

Bitcoin-backed US dollar loans may be a good option for those who have held bitcoin long-term, have a relatively low tax basis, and need access to dollars. As bitcoin becomes a larger share of an individual’s overall assets, many holders would like to improve their lives by accessing the liquidity from bitcoin gains.