5 Thought patterns holding you back to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the biggest technological revolution since the Internet was first introduced. Everyone agrees on this. This would almost make some people forget that this Bitcoin revolution goes far beyond technology. Bitcoin is a complete paradigm shift that has strong ideological and social impacts.


Thought patterns — Lateral Magazine

GOLD (2.0)

Gold has always been mentioned as a safe asset and store of value. And it is. But bitcoin too, although much more secure and scarce. The only fundamental difference as a reserve value in the intrinsic sense is that the appreciation of both assets, which is very different according to their unique or technological qualities. 


Banking on Bitcoin — Pandemic stimulus debt and keeping score.

The unprecedented levels of stimulus debt will haunt our global economy for decades to come — in a post coronavirus landscape, can cash still be used to keep score? Or should we be banking on Bitcoin instead?


Bitcoin remains best-performing asset despite uncertainty.

Many investors now see Bitcoin as an crucial part of their investment portfolio. As new patterns and trends emerge, so too will analysis, education and mainstream understanding of Bitcoin will continue to improve. 

The Bitcoin tipping point.

This is the moment

To me, this signals a massive seminal moment of legitimacy that can not be understated. Hedge Fund guys are said to be the smart money but the truth is, with QE infinity forcing yields to zero, there’s not a whole lot of alpha to generate, leaving fund managers mostly investing in the same dog shit, copycatting each other and chasing returns. 



Negative oil, nationalism, recession, and what it means for Bitcoin.

They will soon see the purchasing power of their asset/income being diluted by unlimited money printing. They will soon realize the problem caused by money printing favors the rich and punishes the middle class and the poor.


Bitcoin as a protest.

So you can watch preachy speeches based on misguided economics, you can whinge about inequality on social media and you can protest in a vain attempt at improving our current system.

Or you can put your money where your mouth is and vote for a better system altogether.

Vote 1 Bitcoin.