The rise of the individual.

“The greatest danger to the state is independent, intellectual criticism”

Murray Rothbard

Aleksandar Svetski dives deeper in “Why Bitcoin matters”, and the rise of the individual. Truly a MONUMENTAL piece!

Revolutionaries & Renegades.

The separation of Money & State.

The Paradigm is shifting.

Productive or Parasitic.

Modern Times.

Piercing the Veil.

Cogitos Ergo Sum.

Incorruptible Property Rights.

Bring power to the individual using Bitcoin.

Erik, from, has written an excellent article demonstrating what crypto can bring to the individual.

What we need, however, is a political philosophy that isn’t erected around the problem of sovereignty, nor therefore around the problems of law and prohibition. We need to cut off the King’s head: in political theory that has still to be done.–Foucault, Truth and Power

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