Bitcoin is good for the environment.

If you think Bitcoin is bad for the environment, before reading this article, consider that many Bitcoiners are environmentalists. If you think that is contradictory, forget everything you knew about the topic. Technologists and innovators care about our environment, and we will be part of building the solutions.

Long term equilibrium of price and miner adoption

The market price of Bitcoin may be completely detached from the global mining effort from a mathematical point of view but it will still be dependent on it – the amount of energy put towards securing the network is still a fundamental key parameter of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin OPSEC is crucial.

The first rule is you do not talk about fight club. The second rule is you do not talk about fight club. What is OPSEC? OPSEC stands for Operational Security.

We are in the middle of a revolution, and we are all playing our part to build a better world for future generations based on a higher moral compass. Be vigilant, stay safe, and hodl on.

A technical introduction to Bitcoin.

In this article, we covered the basics of the blockchain structure, including the aspects of data structure and network operation, their form of operation,
permission levels, and the possibility of automating contracts. It is worth remembering that these topics were covered in a superficial way, with each section being easily expanded to the point of becoming a book.

Bitcoin, not blockchain.

Bitcoin is far from the “blockchain hype”. Excellent article from Parker Lewis!

Often, bitcoin’s transaction ledger is thought of as a public blockchain that lives somewhere in the cloud like a digital public square where all transactions are aggregated. However, there is no central source of truth; there are no oracles and there is no central public blockchain to which everyone independently commits transactions.