How to Gain Exposure to Bitcoin in the Equity Market.

Investors who wish to add an exposure to Bitcoin in a traditional investment account, such as a retirement plan or a cash account, may do so indirectly by buying publicly listed stocks of companies involved in Bitcoin.

Deglobalization & Digital Currencies.

But consider that Bitcoin is programmatically deflationary, can cross borders without the approval of regulators and doesn’t rely on the resilience of political institutions for its validity and there’s more than an outside chance that it could one day form the basis of international trade and become a major traded currency.

Bitcoin beyond the technical aspect.

Bitcoin is much more than just a cryptocurrency.

You have to understand this if you want to really get the most out of the Bitcoin revolution. It would be a real shame to limit yourself simply to the financial side of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s stock to flow phase 5: Over $1 trillion market cap.

The boundary for the fifth phase is estimated at between 1.6 trillion and 29.1 trillion USD. Assuming the end of the phase market evaulation, this translates to an individual bitcoin price of between $83k and $1.48m (with a centre point of around 350k).

US Debt Visualized: Stacked in $100 dollar bills at 20+ Trillion ...