Eight years as a Bitcoin hodler.

Back in 2013 I first read the word ‘Bitcoin’ in a news article about a bank bail-in in Cyprus. The government was in debt and their solution was raiding personal bank accounts. The article mentioned this also led to a boon in Bitcoin — a new digital currency that existed beyond the reach of the government.



The Utter Futility Of A Bitcoin Ban.

As the overplayed adage goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Throughout history, governments have identified emerging threats and sought to eliminate them through heavy-handed bans, or regulations so stringent that they are effectively bans themselves.

Op Ed: In China, It’s Blockchain and Tyranny vs Bitcoin and Freedom

Why Bitcoin Is Readier Than Ever To Moon.

In the last two months of the year 2020, the price of bitcoin has matched and surpassed its 2017 all-time high. But unlike the previous time, the general feeling is not that we find ourselves in a bubble that is about to pop. On the contrary, it feels like major investors and hedge fund managers are just discovering that Bitcoin can help them protect their savings against the inflationary tendencies or the US dollar.

Billionaire Ray Dalio reviewed Bitcoin.

“I think that Bitcoin (and some other digital currencies) have, over the last ten years, established themselves as interesting gold-like asset alternatives, with similarities and differences to gold and other limited-supply, mobile (unlike real estate) store holds of wealth.”


Ray Dalio wearing glasses and smiling at the camera: Business Insider

How to Gain Exposure to Bitcoin in the Equity Market.

Investors who wish to add an exposure to Bitcoin in a traditional investment account, such as a retirement plan or a cash account, may do so indirectly by buying publicly listed stocks of companies involved in Bitcoin. 


Because Bitcoin Is A Necessity, Its Economy Will Be Circular.

Future generations that are free to transact globally, instantly and securely with a money that’s always on and incorruptible will look back on this period of fiat history and wonder how some could’ve ever been stupid enough to think that Kelton economics, in which 2 + 2 = 435, would last.

If bitcoin is the next and final global money, then by definition (and by design) it is already circular.

Bitcoin as an Antidote to Despair: A Psychological Formulation.

Hopefully I have demonstrated, at least in part, that if we were to take the best aspects of traditional psychotherapy and modern psychological science to design a money that is compassionate, healing, and equitable, which promotes the best opportunity for human well-being and optimal psychological functioning, then Bitcoin is that money.


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