A day using money in Cuba.

She discovered that she can use bitcoin to top up people’s phones on bitrefill.com, and she can charge for this. For every 100 dollars she receives in bitcoin, she gets 120 CUC in cash from her friends whose phones she tops up. Ira is quite pleased that she has found a way to arbitrage the currency exchange. If she got paid via Western Union, she’d lose 15% of what the agency pays her. This way, she makes 20%.


GOLD (2.0)

Gold has always been mentioned as a safe asset and store of value. And it is. But bitcoin too, although much more secure and scarce. The only fundamental difference as a reserve value in the intrinsic sense is that the appreciation of both assets, which is very different according to their unique or technological qualities. 


Bitcoin as a protest.

So you can watch preachy speeches based on misguided economics, you can whinge about inequality on social media and you can protest in a vain attempt at improving our current system.

Or you can put your money where your mouth is and vote for a better system altogether.

Vote 1 Bitcoin.


Don’t follow the masses, educate Yourself, then Buy Bitcoin.

Making the right decisions requires not blindly following others, but having the ability to think for yourself.


The most exciting investment of the century, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the decade. It is uncorrelated to other asset classes, and it is still underpriced relative to the likelihood it becomes a widely adopted store of value.

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