A day using money in Cuba.

She discovered that she can use bitcoin to top up people’s phones on bitrefill.com, and she can charge for this. For every 100 dollars she receives in bitcoin, she gets 120 CUC in cash from her friends whose phones she tops up. Ira is quite pleased that she has found a way to arbitrage the currency exchange. If she got paid via Western Union, she’d lose 15% of what the agency pays her. This way, she makes 20%.


Bitcoin at 57000$ and its hedge against inflation.

The scope of this article is to analyse Bitcoin (BTC-USD) position in monetary economics and as a mean of fiat currency hedge. Despite critics arguing that Bitcoin’s value will eventually go to zero, I find that economic projections favour Bitcoin as a store of value as opposed to fiat currency. I run three scenarios to evaluate possible Bitcoin’s price in the short term. Following the analysis, the projections show a price range between $5000 and $57000.


Is Bitcoin truly the best currency?

Many people tend to forget one thing today: Fiat money is not as stable as it is perceived – Germany alone has had four different currencies in the last 120 years. In contrast, Bitcoin could offer the stability and assurance that other currencies fail to provide:


Bitcoin’s Value Proposition – Is It Truly the Best Currency?