Bitcoin: What’s Happening Post Halving.

Looking at all of these improvements and underlying fundamentals it’s hard not be bullish about the future of Bitcoin. 11 years after the issuance of the genesis block, Bitcoin is working exactly like it was intended, worth billions of dollars, and is on its way to establishing itself as a new form of money that is independent of governments while quietly building an alternative financial system.

F.A. Hayek: A Biography | Mises Institute

The Bitcoin halving and the zeitgeist of our time.

Fantastic article about the time when everybody wants “more more more”.

When everything is overblown and excessive, Bitcoin remains calm, collected and measured.
Whilst everything is being flooded, Bitcoin is becoming more scarce.
Whilst everywhere we turn, we hear more, more, more, now, now now — oblivious to the cost, or quantity of the “more” — Bitcoin is about growth for a purpose, and over a long period of time, arriving to a point of natural equilibrium & stability.