Balinese Cockfights & Bitcoins: How one can help us understand the other.

When it comes to Bitcoin and Balinese cockfights alike, conversations that focus exclusively on speculation, gambling, and greed risk totally missing their points. Discussions surrounding Bitcoin in particular need to consider the political and philosophical questions this community raises about money, privacy, self-sovereignty, and of course, memes.

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Negative oil, nationalism, recession, and what it means for Bitcoin.

They will soon see the purchasing power of their asset/income being diluted by unlimited money printing. They will soon realize the problem caused by money printing favors the rich and punishes the middle class and the poor.

Helicopter money, inflation, and the Bitcoin Standard.

Bitcoin, as a construct outside existing financial systems, poses a potential solution to the fundamental problems with fiat money that have been created over the last 50 years.

The Coming Coronavirus Recession Calls for “Helicopter Money ...

Master-Slave dialectic is the reason why Bitcoin will win.

Bitcoin is a real revolution. It’s a multifaceted revolution that has been gaining momentum block after block for more than eleven years now. Once you really get a sense of what Bitcoin can do for the world, there is no turning back.

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Bitcoin: The ultimate reaction.

Money — the magical power it has over people is almost universal. But whether we earn it, spend it or save it, we hardly ever think about the following questions: What is money? Why does it exist? What will money look like in the future? And why should we think too much about it? Our money works. Day in, day out, we use it without much effort. So what’s the problem?