The Most Innovative Technology of the 21st Century.

The system is so elegant, it is no surprise that it has kicked off a global upheaval. I want more people to understand it so they can feel the same sense of intellectual wonder that I did. More people should draw inspiration from Bitcoin, because the world will be richer for it.

Bitcoin is good for the environment.

If you think Bitcoin is bad for the environment, before reading this article, consider that many Bitcoiners are environmentalists. If you think that is contradictory, forget everything you knew about the topic. Technologists and innovators care about our environment, and we will be part of building the solutions.

5 Thought patterns holding you back to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the biggest technological revolution since the Internet was first introduced. Everyone agrees on this. This would almost make some people forget that this Bitcoin revolution goes far beyond technology. Bitcoin is a complete paradigm shift that has strong ideological and social impacts.

Thought patterns — Lateral Magazine

A technical introduction to Bitcoin.

In this article, we covered the basics of the blockchain structure, including the aspects of data structure and network operation, their form of operation,
permission levels, and the possibility of automating contracts. It is worth remembering that these topics were covered in a superficial way, with each section being easily expanded to the point of becoming a book.