We are all Satoshi.

Because in the end, we are all Satoshi, even if the real or the real Satoshi showed up, it would not really matter, Bitcoin separates the role of the state and money. That is its intrinsic value, that is its true wealth. We are all Satoshi.


Is Bitcoin truly the best currency?

Many people tend to forget one thing today: Fiat money is not as stable as it is perceived – Germany alone has had four different currencies in the last 120 years. In contrast, Bitcoin could offer the stability and assurance that other currencies fail to provide:


Bitcoin’s Value Proposition – Is It Truly the Best Currency?

The intrinsic value of Bitcoin as by energy spent.

By considering energy and supply growth, Charles has found an intrinsic link between Bitcoin’s price and its value.

The value of Bitcoin is a function of its energy input in Joules.

You can check out his article here: